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The Tube Amp Hall of Fame #20

Marshall Studio 15 1x12
two 6V6 power tubes and puts out aprox 15watts
Gain, Treble, Middle, Bass and Output (Master Volume)
headphone, 8 ohm speaker out, and balanced XLR
2-12" Gold label Jensen C12L speakers
from the left there are a pair of stereophonic inputs,
 under them there is a bass and treble knob.
Next to the stereo inputs there are (2) inputs marked
Guitar and Instrument with volume knobs under them.
 Than the 3 large knobs are Master vol, Bass, Treble
. Then there is a tremelo ft/sw jack and polarity switch,
 under those are the depth and speed.
tubes on the bottom are 5U4, 3417, 3417, 12AU7, 12AX7
Marshall Jubilee-JCM 800-2554 Combo Silver
W/Tone Tubby speaker
25/50 watts, EL34's
Blue Marshall 30th Anniversary
Made in 1992
Marshall 30th anniversary 1992 6101 LE
3-channel 1x12" 100W combo
to JCM 800/900, to SLP
Only 800 of these ever made
standard pentode/triode switch,
100/50 W switch, 2 channel effects loop,
EL-34 tubes, brass plated trannies,
commemorative brass plaque, brass plated
cool amp
 a rare Marshall 200 head a.k.a. the "Pig" from 1967.
 four KT88's.
Mesa Boogie V-twin Pre-amp
6-12ax7's and some balls


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